Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to the Broken West blog.

We were told on numerous occasions by major players that we needed a better website. So here you are, our band blog, to be updated frequently with words, pictures and music. Below are some photos from our 2007 tours. We will be in the studio in January of 2008 so we will post pictures from that once it gets underway. Ok enjoy.

At the Showbox in Seattle with the Long Winters.

Last show with the Walkmen in Washington, DC. Where's Ham?


With the National in Seattle.

Here's one with the Fountatins of Wayne.


Satisfied '75 said...

loookin' tuff, boys!

the anners said...

Good job guys. I just found you, and hope that you come through Omaha.

Sharon Riley said...

I love the new web site looking good guys Can't wait until your new CD comes out next yr.