Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Five, and sadly, our last day

Sorry we forgot to post the last two days. We've been having a ball, and we've recorded what they in the buz call "basic tracks" for six songs, and they're sounding good. Thom Monahan is a Zen audio master and he's taught us a great deal in the few days we've been up here. Unfortunately, the heater in the studio broke, so we're going to have to end this session earlier than planned -- we were supposed to record until Wednesday, but we're leaving tomorrow morning. Here are some pics. Talk soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Day Two!!!

Here are some more pictures. I can't figure out how to place the pictures in the middle of the post and then do captions. We spent all of yesterday getting some killer drum sounds. We should start recording today. Above you will find Danny's guitar station, Brian in his sleeping quarters/the piano room, Robbie banging on the kit, and Danny dressed as a druid. It's mighty cold here in Sacramento, but we're having a ball.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

3, 2, 1...and we're off.

Today marks our first day of tracking for our new, untitled record. We're at a studio in Sacramento with the trusty and talented Thom Monahan producing. The day has been great so far -- this place is like Disneyland. Which is to say, there are a crazy number of amps, synths, guitars, pedals, pianos, organs, etc. to play with. We went to Safeway earlier today and stocked up on provisions, as we're staying here too. More to come...we'll try to post everyday.